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Butterfly Bride's strives to provide you with the best planning & decor services around. Executing the vision of your wedding is what we are here for. Our goal is to take the vision you as a couple have & transform it into the best version possible. Everyone's vision is never the same and neither is pricing or services we provide. Because our clients are so diverse and have imaginations that stretch far beyond we customize our plans to fit those exclusive needs. Below will be a outline or snippet of what we provide but not the whole shabang!

Planning can be crazy fun, super busy and extremely tedious. Most brides have tons of help with family & friends but weeks sometimes months before the wedding we get a call for that last minute planning. Below is a sampling of what is provided.


* Final walk-through of venue

* Reviewing all vendor contracts

*Calling all vendors to confirm details     and times of arrival/delivery

*Rehearsal Coordination

*Review timeline/wedding schedule

*Organizing the processional and        recessional

*Unlimited email and phone contact

*Offering assistance/advice with    design of reception

*Coordination on the wedding day

Day of Coordination

For the couple that needs a little more help with the planning process. You've dreamt of the day but with the stresses of planning you need someone to pull in the reigns to bring everything all together.


* Customized budget assistance

* Vendor referrals customized to meet      your wedding needs

* Unlimited email and phone support

* Etiquette and wedding protocol              advice

* Everything included in our Day of          Coordination package


Partial Coordination

The Big Shabang!

Full Coordination

Occasionally we come across a couple that does not know how to begin the planning pocess or that they need major help. 


* Customized budget assistance

* Wedding design advice and execution

* Venue and vendor research

* Assistance with contract negotiation

* Attending vendor interviews with you as required

* Assistance with accommodations for out-of-town guests

* Tracking/Assistance with R.S.V. P. guest list

* Includes everything listed in our Day of Coordination package

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