"The Butterfly wished for a bride; and, as may be imagined,   
he wanted to select a very pretty one from among the flowers."    
from "The Butterfly" by Hans Christion Anderson            

You know exactly how your wedding day looks and feels, because you’ve dreamed about it your entire life.   Each detail reflects your personality, your colors, your heart’s desire.  And this one day could be perfectly yours, with the skilled help of Butterfly Bride’s.  Wedding Consultant Brandy Baker-Lynch has been professionally trained by the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants (acpwc.com) to make your day the beginning of  your perfect forever after love story. 

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Brandy Baker-Lynch . Professional Wedding Consultant & member . Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants

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Butterfly Brides bouquet
Magazine layout by Brandy

Magazine layout from the Hollywood Glam issue of Mocha Bride